MelAsana Handmade Soap

Hand Cut. Small Batch. Cold Process. Plant Based.

No Perfumes. No Dyes.


When the pandemic began, I went into maker mode. It was important to me to grow my own food, stay healthy, save money and learn new skills while I was quarantined. I started making hot process soap in my crock pot with a collection of therapeutic grade essential oils I’d used for years in my yoga practice. These oils are extracted from plants and then steamed to produce a very concentrated liquid that contains the chemical of the plant they come from. Essential oils smell strongly and have qualities that can affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Doing something creative during this time, while saving money made me feel productive. I shared my soaps with friends and family and everyone seemed to like them. I gave them as gifts and began to experiment with creating a solid base of organic oils. I made batch after batch and then decided to switch to the cold process method. Now, it brings me great pleasure to share my handmade soaps with friends from all around the country. I never use any perfumes, dyes or animal products. I continue to be inspired by a healthy and natural lifestyle and I hope when you use my soaps you will be too!

-Melanie, Founder


Out of all the handmade soaps I’ve used, MelAsana Soaps are by far my favorite. Each batch smells delicious and lathers so nicely! I love knowing all the ingredients are great for my skin. My skin is so happy! “

Jess H.

I love these soaps!!!! They smell fantastic and they are sooo pretty. Thank you so much!"

Ginny V.

My daughter struggles with acne and the Charcoal Lemongrass helped her sensitive skin so much! We will definitely be buying more MelAsana Soap."

Courtney S.

Lavender Chamomile

Orange Hibiscus

Silva Coffee