When the pandemic began, I went into survival mode. I was making everything I could teach myself to make. For years, I used essential oils in my personal life and my yoga classes. Essential oils are concentrated extracts harvested from plants, herbs, and trees, which are steam distilled or cold pressed. These oils are more potent than the botanicals from which they’re extracted. Some believe essential oils provide extreme health and wellness benefits. 


Doing something creative during this time, while saving money made me feel productive. I shared my soaps with friends and family-to rave reviews. I gave them as gifts and began to experiment with creating a solid base of organic oils. As I honed my soap making skills, I eventually decided to switch to the cold process method. Now, it brings me great pleasure to share my handmade soaps with friends from all around the country. I never use any perfumes, dyes or animal products. I continue to be inspired by a healthy and natural lifestyle and I hope when you use my soaps you will be too!

-Melanie, Founder